Tourist season is coming – Are you ready?

Before you know it, the long winter will be a forgotten memory – except for the powder days. As it finally warms up for good (whatever that means this year), school will be out and tourists will be inbound for another summer. It’s almost tourist season. Are you ready? Is your facility ready? I’m sure […]

Google India knows that Business is Personal

Brilliant. What stories are you telling about your customers that can illustrate the power of the value you deliver? No matter what you do, I’ll bet you have stories to tell. When will you start sharing them?

Wanted: Smoking hot hotel room in Kansas City Kansas

Of course, I mean a “smokin’ hot internet connection”. Late last week, I was heading north through western Missouri, I planned to make an overnight stay in the Kansas City area. Knowing full well (though with a little jealousy) that Kansas City, Kansas was the first winner of the Google Fiber lotto, I thought it […]

Will you lose your prized sources of business info today?

One last warning – Google Reader disappears tomorrow – July 1. If you don’t want to miss out on what’s going on here, much less in the rest of your feeds, I suggest you migrate your Google Reader feed list to, to or other Google Reader replacements. Both Feedly and Digg have made […]

Taking yourself out of context

Google recently released a video demonstrating how speedy the new build of their Chrome browser runs. You *still* get the idea that Chrome is fast, but you are far from bored to tears as they demonstrate that. If they showed a spreadsheet or graph documenting the speed of Chrome as compared to Internet Explorer, Firefox […]

Are you thinking about 5 years from now? Really?

What about in other markets that affect yours? Ever want to know at least a little bit of what Google might be thinking? This 5 minute excerpt is the meaty part of a 45 minute long discussion about the future with Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Listen to what Schmidt says about the inevitable intersection of […]

If your business uses PPC ads, your world just changed. Again.

Google is starting to offer the ability to advertise inside YouTube. Rather than repeat the YouTube / AdWords connection story here, I suggest you take a look at Website Magazine’s coverage of the YouTube advertising story. If you are already using pay-per-click advertising in your business, the time to get your strategy figured out for […]

Your marketing message: Stay on context

It sure isn’t in this case. As you can see below, I recently installed a trial for Google SketchUp Pro. Here’s the final “I’ve successfully installed it” screen. Notice how it’s asking me if I want to change the default search engine in Internet Explorer? Totally out of context. this application has nothing to do […]

MobileMe becomes ImmobileMe

Call me old fashioned, but when someone says they’re gonna host all of my email somewhere else and Im just supposed to trust them and not keep a copy here where I can protect it, I think I’ll pass. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s Google, Apple’s MobileMe, Amazon S3 or whoever. All of them […]

Sticking a fork in restaurant websites

Though I haven’t mentioned it here in a while, my series of columns in the Flathead Beacon about local websites has continued over the last couple weeks. It’s on topic here as well, so let’s elaborate on it a bit further than I have space for in the Beacon. Next week’s column takes a look […]