Would one “minor glitch” bring down your company?

Last October, we discussed the single slip-up that doomed a beef company. Not just doomed it, but in fact, put it completely out of business. A single stumble kills a decades-old business. Today, a “minor glitch” (according to MSN) caused South Florida’s power grid to puke, and the resulting chain reaction caused two Florida nuclear […]

The National Retail Federation “Give them a cookie” tax

Unbelievable. I received my DM News (Direct Marketing News) this week and right on the front page, above the fold, is a story about the National Retail Federation board of directors lobbying government officials to “provide a relief package for retailers”. Eh? Why in the world would retailers need their own relief package? Regardless of […]

Leadership and the “little woman”

A lot of people hate Bill Gates. Some do so because of Windows (“just because”). Some do so because he’s successful. Some do so because of various perceptions of his company’s business practices, true or otherwise. Very few, if any, truly successful people go untouched by the wrath of a society sometimes obsessed with hate-of-the-wealthy. […]