Critical process testing: Both expensive and cheap.

How do you perform critical process testing? Critical processes are sensitive to any failure, not just the major ones we tend to worry about most. When your products get out into the real world, they encounter a mix of simple, complex and very complex environments. Likewise, they are often used in a mix of simple, […]

Shadow Everything

Warning: I’m about to discuss some technology things (yes, again), with good reason: Information Technology (IT) is a leading indicator with parallels in every business niche, including yours. This isn’t about IT. It’s about everything. Control Historically, a company’s staff has had a love / hate relationship with IT. IT’s all powerful control was easy in the mainframe […]

Not on my watch!

Most everyone I’ve talked to who really cares about their work has that one thing that brings meaning, context and (as my kids used to say) “give-a-care” to the work they do. You might have heard it described as “Not on my watch”, a reference to pulling watch duty on naval ships. The best way I’ve […]

What to do if you aren’t ready

photo credit: josemanuelerre If you ask anyone who has kids how long you should wait before having kids, you’ll probably get an answer like: “You’re never really 100% ready, so if you want kids, just have one.” The same goes for the things you’re not doing in your business. We always think we need one […]

Be nimble, Jack.

Photo credit: Wikipedia Just minutes after Adam Scott won the 2013 Masters on the 2nd playoff hole, caddy Steve Williams‘ wikipedia page reflected his involvement. How long would it be before Britannica or Encarta included this information? Which product does your business resemble? Wikipedia, Britannica or Encarta? Is the difference important to your business? How important is […]