Senate may drop the soap (maker)

About six years ago, there was a big fuss about the CPSIA, a law that was written to sharply reduce lead in clothing, toys and other items made for children under 12. Why lead? Lead poisoning causes developmental and neurological damage in young children, including by breathing dust from peeling lead paint. I made some noise about the law as […]

Earn trust or destroy it? Your choice

photo credit: aturkus Millions of people depend on Gmail. Sometimes it goes down unexpectedly. Not long ago, people all over the world were “freaking out” and saying the F word (“Fail”) because Gmail was down. In addition to numerous posts via Twitter and other social media, here’s how Google communicated a problem when they had […]

Cybercriminals are smiling

photo credit: Anonymous9000 Here’s an extra guest post for you this weekend. It comes courtesy of Knowledge @ Wharton – and it’s extra because I think it important that anyone with a computer and a business have their act together when it comes to securing their business data. It isn’t that long. Read it […]

FACTA: Red Flags and Milk Bones

photo credit: il Quoquo Despite the fact that Blondie (our golden retriever/ husky mix) gets credit card applications in the mail, identity theft is really not something that keeps her awake. For that matter, little does. When we go to Wells Fargo together, they never ask for her ID. Maybe the sad Golden Retriever eyes […]

5 expensive new business mistakes and how to avoid them

photo credit: waffler We’ve talked about how the “Stimulus Economy” is a great time to start a new business. One of the reasons: Existing businesses in your desired market are likely to have downsized (ie: laid people off) or cut back on some activities, services or product lines that might not be their most profitable […]

#amazonfail, Niemoller and your business

photo credit: Asti21 First they came for the chocolate bunnies, and I did nothing because I am not a chocolate bunny. Quite a weekend we’re having: Passover, Good Friday, Easter, the Masters and a few thousand Easter Egg hunts, to name a few. Oh, and I smoked a pork roast that turned out totally incredible. […]

The force is strong with this Congress

photo credit: PixelManiatiK For decades, I have avoided getting involved in politics mostly because it has a way of seriously annoying me. As I hope you’ve noticed, I’ve also avoided getting politic-y here at Business is Personal – maybe with the exception of discussions regarding the CPSIA. Despite my best efforts, Congress is working overtime […]

Heard in the slammer: “I used to make handmade toys”

photo credit: abstract splotcHes One of these days, my granddaughter would love it if I bought her a little homemade bear like the one in the photo. Trouble is that after February 9th 2008, it’ll be a violation of Federal law to sell it to me. Doesn’t matter if it’s sold at a small retailer, […]

Preparing for business disaster: Replacing You.

You may find it uncomfortable to think about this one, and you might even be lazy when it comes to implementing things related to it, but it’s important to do so. What steps have you taken to deal with something happening to you, or a key employee? Insurance companies have “Key man coverage” (and yes, […]