Can you really reserve the right to refuse service?

With the recent same-sex marriage ruling in California, more and more businesses are going to be faced with making serious, perhaps business/life-altering decisions about their operations – assuming they haven’t already. One excellent example is the case of New Mexico wedding photographers who refused to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony in 2006. Earlier this year, […]

How to tick off a big group of customers

Homeschoolers do what they do for a number of reasons. Some dont like the local schools. Some homeschool so they can include religious teachings in the curriculum, or to avoid stuff in the public school curriculum that contradicts their faith. Some do so because their child has something going on that might not help them […]

Immune from change? Better check with your lawmakers.

Be Prepared is the Scout Motto, but it should also be on your short list in business. Some telemarketers found their business temporarily shut down after the Do Not Call law was implemented. They had to adapt and market to groups who either had permission to call (politicians and non-profit groups), or already had a […]