How Smart Businesses Use Little Green Army Men

The hardest thing that some businesses do (or don’t do) are the easy things. Sometimes that even plagues me (part of that need-an-assistant thing that I’m still struggling with). The easy things are those things that don’t require much money, much effort, or much time – but make a substantial difference to your clientèle because […]

Could your business handle an 18 day shutdown?

Next month, I have a US Forest Service wilderness cabin reserved for a weekend. Good place to hang out for a birthday. Because of this reservation (and others), yesterday I received an email from, the service that powers provides information about and handles reservations for campsites, cabins and other Federally managed recreation […]

How to become an overnight business success

To anyone outside of Montana who is reading the news, youâ??d think the entire state was one big forest fire. The photo at right was taken looking west at Glacier International Airport, about 8pm on Aug 11. Yep, that’s smoke masking the sun. Thankfully, we got 3 days of on and off rain and nice […]

San Diego recruited for performance AND character. So should your business.

CNN is reporting a deal between Federal prosecutors and Michael Vick’s legal team regarding the dog fighting related charges filed against him, which include the use of cruel methods of execution of his dogs. Vick’s troubles are another in a seemingly endless list of athletes whose millions, homes, cars, companions and business interests aren’t enough […]

X-Ray glasses and other fundamental secret weapons

When I’m working with people, it’s not unusual to get a fair number of questions from people asking me about tools, techniques and ‘where I got or learned about <whatever>’. 5 things/people jump out at me, in no particular order: Mindmapping (I use MindManager from MindJet.) Great for organizing a wide range of seemingly unrelated […]

If you pay your people minimum wage, you are an idiot.

Earlier today, I got an urgent email warning me about the recent minimum wage hike. The Fair Labor Standards Act increased the federal minimum wage in three steps: July 24, 2007, $5.85 per hour July 24, 2008, $6.55 per hour July 24, 2009, $7.25 per hour If you have employees in your store making minimum […]