How businesses burn dollars saving dimes

“A Scout is Thrifty.” This Scoutmaster will ask that you notice that while “thrifty” is part of the Scout law, “foolish” or “leaves money on the table” are not. One of the sad things I see when I visit some businesses is the lack of flexibility when payment time arrives. One of your primary goals […]

Restaurant Euthanasia

Lately, I’ve had a few interesting conversations with restaurant management and heard of a couple other conversations from those experiencing what I’ll call “restaurant euthanasia”. The most bizarre conversations seem to occur with quality employees who can’t fathom what is going on at their store, so I’ll share those rather than private conversations (even though […]

Don’t shoot the manager, fire ’em.

One last anecdotal lesson for the week regarding our trip to Shelby MT last weekend. Dan often talks about people’s actions not being congruent with their stated desires. I like that word – congruent. Behavior that isn’t congruent exactly describes a convenience store I was in this weekend. The store is one of a chain […]

“Sorry folks, the Park’s closed. The moose out front shoulda told ya.”

Anyone who has seen National Lampoon’s Vacation probably remembers that line from John Candy’s security guard character as the family entered “Wally World” (the theme park, not the big box store). The “moose out front” was an animated moose placed outside the fun park. The robot cartoonish moose had a speaker that played a recorded […]

I’m not the one who needs the reminder…

Yesterday, we talked about appointment books and how they get used, misused and underutilized. I’d like to follow up on a related topic: reminders. Reminder postcards from a business are a pretty common thing these days. Some businesses hand write them – after all, your receptionist isn’t exactly swamped with work since your book isn’t […]