Marketing lessons from a Catholic bookstore

In a post referred to me back in May, Musings from a Catholic Bookstore blogged about 10 things you should know about your customers. It was passed on to me as blog fodder so I thought I’d add a few comments of my own – not being Catholic or owning a bookstore never stopped me […]

Unintended consequences. Are you ready?

When McDonald’s started selling Apple Dippers back in 2005, they suddenly became one of the largest consumers of apples in the U.S., anticipating the purchase of at least 54 million apples annually. Businesses using apples surely had to notice a change in supply and cost. A change they probably weren’t expecting. Sometimes it’s a bit […]

A takeaway from LeBron’s lesson

During the 2007 NBA finals, NBA big man LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers learned a valuable lesson. Hopefully Cleveland did as well. The lesson? In sports, ONE guy can’t do it all, and if ONE guy is all you have and your opponent shuts down that ONE guy – you’re in trouble. discusses […]

Business and Morals: Oil and water?

In an article in the June 3, 2007 Great Falls Tribune, an article discusses a pharmacy whose new owners have decided to stop selling birth control pills because they feel that selling oral contraceptives (ie: “the pill”) conflicts with their Catholic faith. That article quotes a Great Falls businessman Jerry Weissman, as follows: Weissman, who […]

Customer service and the cable guy

Have you ever called a big company’s customer support line when “higher than anticipated call volumes” weren’t occurring? That’s what I thought. Whoever anticipates call volumes sure seems to be off the mark a lot, don’t they? Do they use sophisticated trend analysis to anticipate call volumes? Seriously, I wonder how often – or IF […]