CPSIA thoughts from a manufacturer/retailer: Cut that line

photo credit: kyz This morning I received a private comment from a reader. He gave me permission to repost it here. Hello Mark In Europe they have a “no lead policy” based on roHS (Lead Free). All the US components I buy are roHS compliant so that they may be sold in Europe. I can […]

Smoke, mirrors or an honest effort to fix the CPSIA?

photo credit: L. Lew Last week after I left for a winter camping trip with the Scouts, a letter to CPSC Chair Nord came flying out of the House from Waxman, Rush, Pryor and Rockefeller. I just got to the letter this evening, and it’s worthy of comment.  You can read the Waxman-Rush letter to […]

CPSC’s Vallese interview review re: CPSIA

photo credit: Brian Forbes Tonight I managed to get around to looking at the raw footage of CPSC spokesperson Vallese’s interview with KBAL (Baltimore) regarding the CPSIA. The reporter did a nice job of trying to pin her down on specific issues. It was a shame that the interview ended without a discussion of component […]