Forest fire communication can burn you

Now that the Reynolds Creek fire is 65% contained, there are two myths to squash: “The fire is almost out.” Not true. Ask anyone close to the fire teams and they’ll likely tell you that only a season-ending snow will likely knock it out completely. Even so, if you let this cancel your 2015 Glacier National […]

How to segment your customer list

photo credit: artist in doing nothing Have you heard that you should “segment” your customers before marketing to them? Ever wondered what that means, much less how you’d do that? We’re going to talk about that today in simple terms, but before we do that, you might be wondering … Why should I segment my […]

The Amazon Prime Directive

photo credit: mendhak What did you learn from – and change in your business – after Amazon launched Amazon Prime? If you aren’t aware, Amazon Prime is a membership-based service that provides access to Amazon video-on-demand and free Kindle books from the Kindle lending library – but more importantly, it upgrades all purchases to from […]

What are your customers doing online?

I mentioned the Meeker internet / technology trends report last week on Facebook, but I thought I should summarize a few important nuggets from it for small businesses, particularly small software businesses. 30 percent growth in mobile users in the last year. 50% growth in bandwidth use by mobile devices. Specifically, 15% of all internet […]

Tell your fish story, Mr. Limpet

During a recent trip to Oregon, our journey took us to a dockside seafood restaurant in Newport. As you can see from my photo, this restaurant offers fresh local seafood in addition to meals made with the local catch. Take a close look at the sign used to describe this salmon. We know that the […]

Talk is cheap, conversation is priceless

How we talk, write, stand, sit or hold our hands and arms plays a huge part in how effective we are in helping others understand what we have to say, much less keep their attention long enough to finish the message. If they don’t get it all, at best you may as well have said […]

Monkey See, Monkey Don’t?

photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar Do you watch other business owners or mentors use techniques, technologies, strategies or tactics successfully – and then not try them in your business? This isn’t just the domain of new, first time business owners who might be leery of trying something else, much less being swamped enough as it […]

Black. Small Business. Cyber.

photo credit: Skley Black Friday is behind us. Small Business Saturday is behind us. Cyber Monday is behind us. So now what? While these three events are primarily focused on retail, they expose an underlying weakness that most small businesses need to deal with. Having a PLAN. Maybe this seems obvious. It should, but the […]

Sometimes, normal is the last thing you need

photo credit: K_Dafalias When things are going really well, we think we’re really something. We describe it as being in a groove, smooth and steady, in a rhythm or “working like a well-oiled machine”. In electrical engineering, steady state describes the “normalcy” of a current or signal after it settles down shortly after being powered up. Sometimes, […]

What if you could email a hug?

photo credit: Jesslee Cuizon Email is sometimes looked upon as an impersonal evil, but it seems impersonal because of the way most people use it. I hope this discussion gives you an idea to improve your business’ email. Not long ago, I sent a live plant to a memorial service over 2000 miles away. I […]