Arriving late?

photo credit: h.koppdelaney Today’s guest post is for those business owners arriving late at the “social media party”. For those making an entrance, business-wise, here’s a nice social media startup guide from the NYTimes’ “You’re The Boss” blog. It talks about restaurants specifically, but the advice is sound regardless of what your business does. As […]

If I owned a fitness center

photo credit: sarahsampsel In the process of elliptical-ing across some wide open (virtual) spaces recently, I thought to myself, “What would I change if I owned this place?” I might warm up the pool a couple of degrees, but that really isn’t the kind of change I meant. The things that came to mind were […]

After The Honeymoon

photo credit: James Jordan Recently, I stopped into a niche retail business for the very first time. They’ve done a nice job with it. Haven’t been open long, so some of the obvious things I’d suggest to make the place a real customer magnet weren’t in place yet. I have a feeling they might get […]

Facebook you…because?

photo credit: [carlo cravero] As I drive around the area, I see lots of businesses who are trying to reap the potential rewards of local marketing on Facebook. One sign: they have “Facebook us” or “Find us on Facebook” or similar on their roadside signs. The idea is for you to click the “Like” button […]

Remember The Simple Things

photo credit: x-ray delta one Jeffrey Gitomer* sums up a lot of understanding of people, sales, psychology and more when he says “People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.” Do you make it easy for them to buy? Really? Let’s talk about it. Beyond impulse Are the things you sell displayed […]

How many pennies would you sell your reputation for?

photo credit: James Jordan My wife’s birthday was this weekend, so as a last bit of her gift, our youngest son and I took her to one of her favorite restaurants in the Valley. As we sat down and caught up on junior’s just-finished semester at Pacific, the “so, what are you gonna order” discussion […]

Help your customers become better buyers

photo credit: kevindooley Better, more knowledgeable buyers tend to spend more, but they often need help doing so. Who hasn’t looked at a restaurant wine list, and then thought it’d be nice to have the Wine Spectator articles (or a similar resource) on those 2 or 3 bottles you’re trying to choose between? Until recently, […]

Touched someone today?

photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert One of the things I say to clients who are building a business is “drip, drip, drip”. By the way, *everyone* is building a business, no matter how long they’ve been around. Anyhow, I say that to remind them that they should do something every day to work ON […]

Try Norma’s Chowder

photo credit: Ron Diggity The night before junior’s college registration, we decided to hit the beach in the evening and while there, get some dinner. We’d been on the road all day and probably had a little white line fever, so a nice, relaxing sit-down dinner was just what the doctor ordered. We wandered all over downtown […]

Oil and windshields

Photo credit: Steve Snodgrass As I noted earlier, the drive to Oregon and back provided a few lessons here and there. Yesterday, we talked about the welcome. Today, it’s what comes after the welcome. Oregon law requires that an attendant pumps your gas. That’s right, you *cannot* pump your own gas in Oregon. I don’t […]