Yeah. It’s software again.

photo credit: {dpade1337} Once again, I’ve somehow managed to find myself lured back into the software business. More on that in the future, as I’ll likely use what happens there as fodder for “This is how/why I always advised that this should be done” (and perhaps, “should not be done”) posts. As such, here’s a […]

I am a slacker. Are you?

photo credit: striatic Yes, me.  I am a slacker. I admit it. A year ago, I was planning to release my first book, “Business is Personal”. You probably don’t remember me doing a launch promotion on it. That’s cuz I didn’t launch it. As you might suspect, stuff happened and pushed it out of my […]

So, what exactly do you do, anyhow?

photo credit: fazen We had a brief guest-post-ular discussion about this a week or so ago when I used Chris Garrett’s ‘What are you a natural at?” as a guest post. Add to that, this comment from Drew McLellan and it struck me that there are a fair number of people that I feel like […]

Deposits, karma – Whatever it is, are you earning yours?

photo credit: jonmatthew photography Hildy Gottlieb, a fellow board member from my days on the board had the temerity to call me out on her blog yesterday.  Well, maybe not call me out exactly. More like give me a hat size adjustment. I only found out about her kind words because WordPress told me […]

5 minutes to build a more profitable business in a post-bailout economy

Everyone’s busy these days and I am no exception. If only the Borg could talk to WordPress:) Because everyone is so busy, and because I’ve sensed a tenseness (but not a panic, at least not yet) among the small business owners I’ve talked to this week, I thought I might take only 5 minutes of your time today to […]

I know what you look like

This morning, someone emailed me to confirm an appointment to meet me at a local coffee shop. One of the comments they made when we were making arrangements to meet was “I know what you look like.” The great thing about that is that we’ll avoid the clumsy “stumbling about looking like you’re lost” thing […]

Small business owners, like consultants, should be everywhere

A friend asked me the other day why I do a small business marketing radio talk show and if it had been profitable for me. My answer? Because I need to be everywhere, and yes. The question reminded me of a long-told story in marketing circles about the chiropractor (or whoever it was). A famous […]