Pig blood & deer, or How to fix an unsuccessful advertisement

Ever try to keep the deer out of your yard, garden or especially, your raspberry patch? Here in the boonies, it’s a serious problem. Deer are everywhere. They love your ornamental trees, roses and whatever happens to be the most expensive plant in your yard or garden. They never seem to eat the dandelions. My […]

A bouncing baby newspaper

I haven’t witnessed a birth in some time. Yet just a few minutes ago, the Flathead Beacon came to life. The Flathead’s newest newspaper isn’t just a paper. It’s destined to be a multi-media online experience as well as a newspaper. If you live in a big city, this might be old news to you. […]

There’s a new sheriff in town

As I mentioned a while back, I always find it interesting to see how competition makes people react. In that arena, it’s been an interesting April already. May is on its way to being interesting as well. For those who might not be aware, I live in Montana’s Flathead Valley, which is in the northwest […]