What does your community’s welcome mat say?

photo credit: archerwl A state association of businesses has pushed legislation into our state house that would limit the on-premise retail sales volume of a related group of businesses. Yes, we talked about this recently, but today let’s go beyond this one business, this one time. That situation is just a symptom of a far […]

Butcher shops concerned about locally grown meat sales limits

photo credit: foxypar4 The legislature is considering placing additional limits on the production or sale of locally grown meat, including the meat of wild animals. Backing this legislation is the Corporate Grocers Association, which serves the interests of corporate grocery chains across America. The proposed law also places strict annual limits on hunting and fishing […]

What isn’t Amazon going to change?

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography During Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) November re:Invent conference, there were a number of interesting talks. Psst…Don’t run away, not-interested-in-technology folks, this is barely about tech if you look closely. I got the most out of the sessions centered around the strategic design decisions that Amazon.com (an AWS customer) and other […]

Lucy and the Aluminum Football

photo credit: vramak Lately, there has been a lot of talk in the news and around the Flathead Valley about the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) offering a four year power supply deal to Columbia Falls Aluminum Company (CFAC). The deal is subject to environmental review and other what-ifs, so it isn’t a done deal quite […]

Making it personal at BusyMac

If you live in Northwest Montana, you know that one of the things we “cling to” is high school sports. I live in Columbia Falls, a town of about 4500 people. Our arch rival is Whitefish, a town of about 6000 people. While our towns are changing, Columbia Falls has historically been the blue collar […]

Moving to where the jobs are

photo credit: Koshyk In today’s guest post from Forbes, an interactive map showing where people are moving to and from, county by county across the US. Thanks to @BeckyMcCray for sharing it with me.

Taken For Granted

photo credit: Яick Harris This photo wasn’t taken in Chernobyl or in some abandoned ghost town. It’s in downtown Detroit, a few blocks from shining skyscrapers. Every mayor and business owner in the US should look at photos like the one above and imagine what this place once was. The meltdown of the US economy […]

Motivate them with pie

photo credit: thebittenword.com Historically, my Scout troop does ok on our annual popcorn sale fundraiser. The guys have done well enough over the years that a number of them managed to pay for their campouts pretty much year after year. One of them had earned enough to buy himself a super nice down sleeping bag […]