Teamwork means… what?

Teamwork has been on my mind a bit lately, so I thought I’d organize a few thoughts along those lines. Trust is leadership is influence “Every day of your life, people are doing a credit check on you…your trust” – Rick Warren People learn to trust you when you are predictable. When they can predict […]

Making employees feel safe

Gary Vaynerchuk make a safety comment in a video I was watching the other day that struck me to the core. It made perfect sense but I hadn’t really thought about it from quite the angle he came from. While I’ve always tried to listen more than I speak (thanks Dad) as well as “praise […]

Driveway Gymnastics and the Ides of March

photo credit: get directly down So…it’s almost the end of March. Seems like the day before yesterday, the new year started. Like many, you probably thought over some goals for the new year and made plans to make them happen. Maybe you even got started on the work required. But again, it’s almost the end […]

Like an athlete, business owners must prepare to go pro

After swimming the last race of an 11 year amateur swimming career, a little reflection…not despair. The margin of victory for a world-class athlete seems to shrink with each advance in our ability to measure minute differences in performance, whether the race is on a track, in a pool, on open water or down a […]

What’s your plywood?

“When youâ??re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, youâ??re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. Youâ??ll know itâ??s there, so youâ??re going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back. For you to sleep […]

The Freedom To Hire

photo credit: jonycunha I‘ve been listening carefully over the last month as a number of people offered their analysis of the jobs problem in today’s economy. One thread of discussion from a sizable number of folks really stuck out. “It’s health care reform. No one is going to hire anyone until that’s resolved.” Generally speaking, […]

Ditch Diggers and Self-Starters

As much as Seth’s oft-hypocritical blog annoys me (a no-comments blog from a guy who preaches interaction?), his post on the need for external motivation is worth pointing your way: Self-starters matter. I’m not saying that non-self-starters don’t matter and I’d never assert that motivational tools, speakers, reading and the like aren’t of value – […]

Corvettes Everywhere

photo credit: Count Rushmore Ever notice that when you decide to buy a new Corvette (or a F-150, for that matter), you start to see your chosen new vehicle everywhere you go? For me, the last month has been like that. No matter where I turn, in person or on the Net, I’ve found myself […]

Pushing You Starts The Whispering

photo credit: Rob Gallop Earlier this week, I wrote about breaking down Chet Holmes’ “Dream 100” list of prospective customers into 10 lists of 10. What I didn’t tell you was why I break the list down. Asking you to name 100 random prospects would like result in an impact focused on one thing – […]