10 Clients You’ll Dream About

photo credit: VinothChandar Business adviser and author Chet Holmes uses a strategy called “The Dream 100” to identify the 100 prospects he would most like to obtain as clients. He then puts strategies and actions into place to do so. Think about your market. It might be tough to come up with 100 â??bestâ? clients […]

Twelve Days of You

photo credit: gagilas Think about your day. What did you do yesterday? Were you productive? When I ask that, what I mean is this: Can you reel off a list of high-priority things that you accomplished? Did you waste any time? How much of each hour did you spend on real, focused, dedicated work that […]

Leap Tall Buildings

photo credit: Navicore Superman was touted as being “faster than a locomotive”. Locomotives move at a speed people can comprehend. It’s an easy to understand expectation. He didn’t have to be faster than a plane or a bullet in order to be Super. He just had to be faster than any man. He didn’t have […]

Running away?

photo credit: Watt_Dabney Today’s guest post is a quote from Henry Miller that I stumbled across. Life has no other discipline to impose, if we would but realize it, than to accept life unquestioningly. Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, denigrate or despise, serves to defeat us […]

9 minutes of “Will power”

Yesterday, I happened across this video montage of Will Smith interview clips that has him discussing what motivates him. His comments on persistence, work ethic and competition are a good listen and well worth the 9 minutes. Do you have that kind of will power?

Raise The Bar!

photo credit: Furryscaly During some recent travel to deal with some family stuff, I’ve had a chance to see how business is going elsewhere in the U.S. One thing caught my eye over the weekend and I think it merits some discussion. It illustrates how much room there is for a coherent, attentive business in […]

What *finally* tripped your trigger?

During a recent mastermind session, the gang was talking about motivation and decision-making. While that was stirring around in my head, I managed to stumble across CC Chapman’s insightful post about inspiration. Stir in the TED Behind the Scenes video included in CC’s post, which I’ve included above. I strongly suggest you read CC’s comments […]

How does your entrepreneurial garden grow?

photo credit: RonAlmog Today’s guest post from Jim Rohn arrives courtesy of Nightingale-Conant. Once again, a page of essential insight from always-on Mr. Rohn. What have you done today to improve yourself? Is investment in yourself part of your daily todo list?  

Being Prepared

photo credit: joiseyshowaa One of the things Scoutmasters teach their Scouts is the Scout motto – “Be Prepared.” We don’t stand around saying those words all that much (or ever, really). When I ask a Scout what it means to them, I get a lot of different answers. I talk about it with the boys […]

Risk, Breakthroughs and the Torrent of Change

photo credit: elevatorlady Today’s guest post from Tom Asacker continues a theme from yesterday. Taking yourself seriously…or as Tom writes doing what risks everything. Read Tom’s post about risking it all. How are you risking it all?