Deposits, karma – Whatever it is, are you earning yours?

photo credit: jonmatthew photography Hildy Gottlieb, a fellow board member from my days on the board had the temerity to call me out on her blog yesterday.  Well, maybe not call me out exactly. More like give me a hat size adjustment. I only found out about her kind words because WordPress told me […]

Are you a crappy American parent?

The Economist noted last month that the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development had completed an 8 year study of television viewing habits across the globe. The verdict: A lot of American parents must either dislike parenting, or really stink at it. That or they have “better things to do” and use the TV as […]

Seems Darwin was right

Natural selection, that is. Survival, or at least success of, the fittest, smartest and/or strongest. My example: 2 escapees from Montana’s state prison in Deer Lodge were captured earlier this week. One of them – the guy involved in the plot to kidnap David Letterman’s son (eventually arrested for overcharging him for painting???) – had THREE months until […]

Four, Eleven, Sixty-six

Been out of the loop a bit lately. Eleven people, including a 4 year old, have been around the house for the last several days. Been 11 years since we were in the Life-With-A-4-Year-Old department, so it took a little practice to get back in that game. High school graduation, grad parties, a $66k Corvette […]

Take a break

I dont think I could cover this better than I already have, so I’ll just send you here:

I really don’t admire your socks, or your butt.

Collectively, I get the impression that smokers seem to feel they have an inalienable “right” to fling cigarette butts out of their car windows. I cant count the times Ive seen someone open their car door at an intersection and dump a full ashtray on the road. While I saw this with regularity when I […]

Bush gives Phil Zimmerman the ultimate “I told you so”

Thats Phil Zimmerman of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) fame. Get your PGP while you still can. You may not need it today, but you just never know. No worries, politics is not the raison d’etre for this blog, but frankly, this isnt really about politics. 5 years ago, who would have thought that someone […]