Scoble, Hawk, Ansel, Sadie & Yosemite: The power of social media

I know, I know, I’ve harping on this lately and I’ll maybe stop soon, but let me give you just a taste of the grass roots power (leverage, involvement, whatever you want to call it) that Web 2.0 social media technologies can give your clients. (Or can give them if you take advantage of it). […]

Best Seat in the House shows why you should be blogging

It may not be clear from the things I talk about here, but I enjoy photography. I shoot some scenic stuff, like the photo at the top of this page and I shoot a lot of sports and community stuff. When it comes to sports, I’ll shoot baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming, football, etc – […]

The boys of summer

Ordinarily, when discussing this subject, I might get on a rant about MLB players, but not today 🙂 Instead, I just have a photo to share with you. I took this yesterday at a Little League game across from the high school. I just happened to be there for a meeting and the game across […]

Ovando, Montana

I had to drive to Billings last week for a meeting, and as always, I took my camera with me. I only took 1 frame the whole time. This house and barn, near Ovando MT: Larger, with the Photoshop watercolor filter Larger, auto leveled