Communicate when nature threatens

Last week I said “Allowing perceptions to percolate in our guests’ minds without updates is dangerous not only for this year’s success, but for future years as well.” Part of your job is to set guests’ minds at ease by giving them the advice they need to make considered decisions during situations they’re unaccustomed to. […]

Pricing custom work well is a strategic advantage

How good is your business at pricing custom work? If you don’t have a way of pricing custom work that consistently accounts for your costs and labor, how do you know if you’re making any profit on these deals? How would it feel to find that you’re losing money on half your custom work? Do […]

What are your customers doing online?

I mentioned the Meeker internet / technology trends report last week on Facebook, but I thought I should summarize a few important nuggets from it for small businesses, particularly small software businesses. 30 percent growth in mobile users in the last year. 50% growth in bandwidth use by mobile devices. Specifically, 15% of all internet […]

What to do if you aren’t ready

photo credit: josemanuelerre If you ask anyone who has kids how long you should wait before having kids, you’ll probably get an answer like: “You’re never really 100% ready, so if you want kids, just have one.” The same goes for the things you’re not doing in your business. We always think we need one […]

How to do strategic business planning that actually matters

photo credit: Evil Erin Go ahead, admit it – if it fits. Your business plan doesn’t really reflect your real business. You may not even use it. Ask yourself these questions: “Do you use it to run your business day to day?” “Does it bear any resemblance to what really happens at your business?” “Did […]

Driveway Gymnastics and the Ides of March

photo credit: get directly down So…it’s almost the end of March. Seems like the day before yesterday, the new year started. Like many, you probably thought over some goals for the new year and made plans to make them happen. Maybe you even got started on the work required. But again, it’s almost the end […]

Why don’t we do what we know must be done?

photo credit: woodleywonderworks Change is hard. We often don’t make a change because just thinking about it tends to be unpleasant, never mind the change itself. We’ll think about it and mull it over and consider our options like we do about stopping for gas. We’ll glance at the pump as we pass by and […]

6 questions that will shake your productivity beliefs

photo credit: The U.S. Army The easy question sometimes ends up playing the role of the hardest one. The easy question – What system (paper, software, methodology, whatever) do you use to manage ToDos, Goals and Priorities on an annual, monthly, weekly and daily basis? That question is part of The Rescue Interview because managers, CEOs and […]