Starting a New Business: Part 2 – Are you ready?

photo credit: elbfoto Last time we talked briefly about things to consider in the early going of the business you just started. We talked a little about the product/service, but focused mostly on some basics about licenses/permits and getting supplies with a little taste of business model talk. The reality is that we shouldn’t have […]

What would happen if yours was perfect?

photo credit: ruurmo If your software business was â??perfectâ?, what would it look like? What do I mean? Here are a few ideas to get you startedâ?¦ Whatâ??s your product line look like? What services do you offer? How big (or little) is your staff? What benefits do you offer? How much vacation do you […]

Put away the white shoes

photo credit: kikfoto Back in my grandmother’s day, the day after Labor Day meant “Put away the white shoes.” These days, we may not be quite so beholden to old school wardrobe rules, but we still tend to let a Roman emperor’s calendar decide when our business is going to take action. With the exception […]

Raise The Bar!

photo credit: Furryscaly During some recent travel to deal with some family stuff, I’ve had a chance to see how business is going elsewhere in the U.S. One thing caught my eye over the weekend and I think it merits some discussion. It illustrates how much room there is for a coherent, attentive business in […]

Working in Disneyland. Not.

photo credit: Max Braun A few weeks ago, we talked about the importance of strategic delegation and how it might just enable you to enjoy a phone call free vacation, much less free up some hugely important strategic thinking time. When I was in the photography software business, I quickly learned that photographers absolutely detest […]

Transparency. Real transparency.

Hildy and Dimitri’s efforts have always been pretty transparent. But a few months ago, they made a big decision to basically reboot their entire business. Many business owners have done that. But not like this. Instead of doing it all in the cones of silence, they decided that every step of the way, they would […]

Don’t Listen to these Creativity Killers

photo credit: I‘ve been reading John Maxwell’s “How Successful People Think” recently. This list of creativity killing comments from John’s book reminded me of so many things going on in the world these days that I simply had to make it a guest post. How many times have you heard these comments when you shared […]

Be indispensable

Are you indispensable to your customers? The question that you have to ask yourself – daily, rather than once – is “What can you do to make yourself indispensable to your customers?” A few examples to get the juices flowing: If you sell coffee, how can you help your customers wade through the coffee buzzword […]

Being Prepared

photo credit: joiseyshowaa One of the things Scoutmasters teach their Scouts is the Scout motto – “Be Prepared.” We don’t stand around saying those words all that much (or ever, really). When I ask a Scout what it means to them, I get a lot of different answers. I talk about it with the boys […]

A desk calendar, a yellow pad and a pen

photo credit: Anonymous Account A few weeks ago, I mentioned that there were some “numbers you might care about“. Examples we talked about included figuring out the costs to obtain both a new prospect/lead and a new customer. In prior discussions, I’ve also suggested that you need to be thanking your customers, following up with […]