The butterfly effect of a shutdown

This past weekend, my wife & I shared a cold one at a local brewery while discussing the shutdown. Pundits and others wave off the shutdown’s impact as “a small percentage of the Federal workforce”, as if it’s trivial. Trouble is, the headcount of furloughed Federal employees creates a butterfly effect that ripples outward to […]

Inauguration Week, a time to stay focused

I have written on this topic several times over the last 12 years: Inauguration Week. More specifically, what happens to the business world after Inauguration Day. When Bush 43 took over in 2001, there was hand wringing. Before Obama took over in 2009, there was hand wringing. And now, with Trump’s takeover days away, the […]

It’s the day after the election…what do you believe?

photo credit: A Guy Taking Pictures Regardless of your level of happiness or dismay with the results of the 2012 elections, you have at least one thing to do today:├é┬áRefocus. The election is over. Whether your candidate won or lost, take five minutes to deal with the results however you wish. After that, get back […]

It’s a bad time

photo credit: Ian Sane Over the weekend, I had a brief conversation about a Wall Street Journal article I had posted to Twitter about the average nationwide earnings of a partner in a U.S. law firm. I almost didn’t post the link because I had the feeling it would generate a political conversation. Politics was […]


photo credit: Selma90 Howard Schultz is doing what few large corporate CEOs have done: Following up rhetoric with leadership, action and money. While I prefer freshly-roasted beans from local roasters and rarely do Starbucks outside of airports, I will stop in this week in order to support this. The post title? It’s inscribed on a […]

Lucy and the Aluminum Football

photo credit: vramak Lately, there has been a lot of talk in the news and around the Flathead Valley about the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) offering a four year power supply deal to Columbia Falls Aluminum Company (CFAC). The deal is subject to environmental review and other what-ifs, so it isn’t a done deal quite […]

The Freedom To Hire

photo credit: jonycunha I‘ve been listening carefully over the last month as a number of people offered their analysis of the jobs problem in today’s economy. One thread of discussion from a sizable number of folks really stuck out. “It’s health care reform. No one is going to hire anyone until that’s resolved.” Generally speaking, […]

One way to create sustainable jobs

photo credit: Bas Lammers Recently, the Flathead Beacon published a story about a global tech-oriented business that continues to grow right here in rural Montana. This business started from scratch and achieved critical mass… Without tax breaks that often encourage unsustainable business models. Without specially crafted laws that treat their industry or part of their […]

What’s on your plate?

photo credit: jlastras As I spent the last month mulling over my strategic plan for this year, I started by looking at what I was doing operationally as if I was my own client. In the software business, it’s called “eating our own dogfood“. In other words, a vendor using their own software for the […]

Do you need a Groundhog Day?

photo credit: ronnie44052 Today’s guest post from Paul Hannam does a nice job of using the movie Groundhog Day to illustrate a point about personal change. Changing from your worst day to your best day (his example), changing your business, even changing you. It’s a good read. Check it out it here.