Your clients have better things to do

While I never met Bruce Barrington, one of the reasons I really admire him is something he said long ago about the things that programming tools make you do when building a program. Bruce said: Anything you have to do every time shouldn’t have to be done at all. photo credit: babasteve Frankly, I think […]

How have fuel prices changed your customers’ behavior?

Since I work out of a home office, I don’t spend all that much time on the road. Good thing. As a result, I don’t have to fill up the Suburban too often. It’s great for hauling around a big pile of Scouts and their camping gear, but lousy at efficient travel for me and […]

Your blog can show your clients “How to”

Today’s guest post is from The Brain. No, not your brain, The Brain. photo credit: moujemouje The Brain is a software product that allows you to organize, relate and search info to other info. Typically, we’re talking about things that don’t make this easy – especially across media and thought processes. Showing your clients how […]

25% of 2008 is gone. Where do you stand?

photo credit: jurvetson 1/4th of 2008 is gone, history, finito. Are you 25% of the way to completing your 2008 goals? Did you reach your 1st quarter goals? If so, use what you learned and achieved to drive your accomplishments to your 2nd quarter goals. If not, why not? Be honest with yourself. It’s April […]

Recovering from “the day from hell”, aka Time Management

Overhead. People who donĂ¢??t work for themselves often tend to think of that in terms of money. I find that time overhead is far more expensive. For example, think about the time it takes to keep the various local, state and Federal agencies satisfied with the appropriate amount of paperwork. I am convinced that this […]

Rohn: Fix the next 10 years today

Anyone who pays reasonably close attention knows that Jim Rohn is one of the guys I pay pretty close attention to. I met him several years ago at a conference, was really impressed with him, and have been absorbing his mindmelds ever since. If you’re under the age of 50, it’d be a mistake to […]

Entrepreneurs: Are you fried? Maybe this is why.

I was scouring around the net the other night and stumbled across this post by Jonathan Fields. When I’m not operating strictly by the Outlook calendar, you can quite often paint the letters CNF on my forehead. I combat CNF by using Outlook appointments as ToDos. Rather than having a list a mile long, I […]