The biggest lie you’ve ever told

photo credit: The Wolf Many of us have something about our business that acts as a barrier that limits what we can do. In many cases, this barrier isn’t real – it’s simply a belief we’ve allowed to infect our mindset. The trouble with this is that if you believe there’s a limit to your […]

Business insight from the back of a shampoo bottle

photo credit: thejbird When are you going to get serious about your business? Identify one thing you can do today to attract a new customer, educate a prospect or answer a common question. Do it again tomorrow. If daily is just too much (seriously?), can you do it every couple of days, or at least […]

If Dave Ramsey was a management consultant

photo credit: Alan Cleaver If you’ve ever read or heard anything from Dave Ramsey, a personal debt reduction expert, you know his spiel. Why? Like any good info marketer, he repeats the fundamentals each time he speaks/writes. One of his fundamental teachings is “when you pay off a debt, start applying that debt’s payment to […]

Rather than sweep, eliminate the source of dirt

photo credit: kevin dooley During the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Re:Invent conference‘s “fireside chat” with Jeff Bezos, he told a story about during a professional development session where he (like all senior Amazon management) spent two days on the Amazon customer service call center staff. Stop for just a minute. If your business is small […]

Why don’t we do what we know must be done?

photo credit: woodleywonderworks Change is hard. We often don’t make a change because just thinking about it tends to be unpleasant, never mind the change itself. We’ll think about it and mull it over and consider our options like we do about stopping for gas. We’ll glance at the pump as we pass by and […]

Stop waiting until you’re big enough.

photo credit: aussiegall This morning a friend pointed out this story about how QuickBooks maker Intuit manages 10 million lines of code. The punch line is that they manage 10 million lines of code just like you should be managing your code. Professionally. Is your business using professional-grade methods and tools? Are you sure? Intuit manages […]

How Shiny Is Your Robot?

photo credit: Stéfan Have you ever noticed how careful we are as business owners to take good care for our expensive business equipment? Like…robots. Robots get their hydraulic fluid changed, hydraulic lines pressure checked, wear points examined, worn parts replaced, firmware updated, tolerances tested, configurations checked and their overall performance checked. When a robot doesn’t […]

Rid-X figured out subscriptions. When will you?

Finally. A mainstream, old school consumer product company figured out how to make it easy for customers to use their product at the recommended interval and do so with as little labor/friction as possible. Rather than rolling their own, they used Amazon’s infrastructure to deal with payments, shipping and subscription management. From “Amazon Subscribe […]

Starting A New Business: Part 5 – Infrastructure

photo credit: kevin dooley Infrastructure is one of those things you don’t necessarily think about as a new business owner. Thing is, strong infrastructure often turns out to be the competitive edge that no one (other than you) notices. Your clientele notices “stuff”: You’re always on top of things and that you rarely, if ever, […]

Stop Chasing Rabbits: A Productivity/Focus “Secret”

photo credit: notsogoodphotography I don’t spend a lot of time writing about “the hows” of staying focused, but I do remind you now and then about the reasons that make focus so important. For example, I closed the post A Thousand Dollars an Hour with “The goal? To do more of the right work. The work that […]