Where subscribers hide: Pt 1

Watching my wife shop / interact with salespeople is always a refresher course. Gaps in customer service & sales training / tactics always reveal themselves. This is the missing piece of “Secret Shopper” type services – no audio / video. The report is fine, but you don’t get to see and hear what happened – […]

Get one new client a day, week, month

It’s not unusual to talk to business owners who want to double their business, even if the discussion is a bit unfocused at first. It’s far more unusual to find someone who wants grow their business by 1000%, IE: 10 times its current size. Some have said that growing a business by 10 times is […]

18 questions to increase sales

This week, I’ve been working on metrics because I can’t have my fingers in every pie at once – at least not once the number of pies grows beyond my ability to manage them all in my head at the same time. Even if you can do that, it’s very difficult to sense where changes […]

What if you actually followed up?

Does your business follow up with your clients and prospects like you should? You should probably consider what “like you should” means, before deciding whether you follow up properly or not. Having done that, let’s define “follow up” as continuing the conversation with that particular prospect or client, in exactly the context they are in […]

They really aren’t very good at marketing

One of the most common marketing mistakes I see is focusing solely on new clients and doing so in a way that annoys everyone else who has (or had) a relationship with your business. This quote from Facebook (above) about a New England newspaper’s Groupon deal is but one example. The process The process goes […]

Six simple questions about your website

photo credit: milos milosevic I received these questions in an email from Tony Robbins last year. The premise was to ask if you could answer these questions without doing a bunch of research, much less if you could answer them at all. How many visitors come to your website per month? How many of those […]

How to cut down on refunds

photo credit: TeryKats Do you have problems with too many sales turning into refunds? Or almost-sales turning into no-sales? Do your demonstration projects frequently fail to reach the buying stage? Does return-friendly Costco look like a tough return desk negotiator compared to you? Do people frequently add things to their shopping cart while on your […]

Are You Sending Invisible Signals?

Sometimes a business does things that just don’t make sense, particularly when you consider the business they’re in. Consider every hospital foundation director’s worst nightmare: Sending a donation request addressed to someone who recently died. What could be worse? Sending a donation request addressed to someone who died…. in their hospital. I haven’t personally seen this, but […]

The New Math aka Economics 101

photo credit: Keng Susumpow A friend told me recently that his family filed a homeowner’s insurance claim for slightly under $600. After filing no claims in over 20 years of keeping their insurance with this company, this was the 3rd claim in 5 years. During that 5 years, their annual insurance rate went from $1300 […]