“Nothing can be done about it.” Phooey.

One of the readers of my newspaper column owns a bar/restaurant. Recently she told me that one of her bartenders accidentally rang in a $6 charge twice on a debit charge card. They found the mistake the next day and corrected it by reimbursing the $6 to the customer. The customer called back and said […]

How to tick off a big group of customers

Homeschoolers do what they do for a number of reasons. Some dont like the local schools. Some homeschool so they can include religious teachings in the curriculum, or to avoid stuff in the public school curriculum that contradicts their faith. Some do so because their child has something going on that might not help them […]

Small business + iPhone app = opportunity

Disclaimer: I simply have to admit that it’s unlikely that I would buy an iPhone until Apple decides to discard AT&T, or Steve Jobs’ gang adds a better cell carrier to the mix. I’m simply not willing to deal with those guys if I don’t have to. And yes, I’d probably get over it if […]

Sticking a fork in restaurant websites

Though I haven’t mentioned it here in a while, my series of columns in the Flathead Beacon about local websites has continued over the last couple weeks. It’s on topic here as well, so let’s elaborate on it a bit further than I have space for in the Beacon. Next week’s column takes a look […]

MyStarbucksIdea.com – A gift to every independent coffee shop and cafe owner

Regular readers of this blog have probably figured out that I’m not all that impressed with Starbucks, especially when compared to local coffee shops that get it (much less the ones that don’t burn their beans). This time, I actually have a kind word for the corporate coffee monolith. photo credit: Al- Fassam [ Online! […]

A tip for restaurant owners: Royally ticking off the customer-facing employees is a bad idea.

Last week, it was reported that several restaurant chains are getting ready to charge their wait staff when a customer leaves a tip on a credit card. Specifically, they will charge the employee for the merchant fee portion of the tip. Here’s how it works: When a restaurant takes your card to pay for your […]