The two most valuable parts of a conversation

photo credit: pedrosimoes7 Every single day, I see problems that would be solved with better (or any) understanding, speed and an order of magnitude improvement in quality if people would just pick up the phone. I know, especially the more technical folks out there, you want that cocoon. You want to hide and just create. […]

How to find their path from new customer to great customer

photo credit: c_ambler Last time we started a conversation about growth and left it off with a brief discussion about digging deeper into customer behaviors. In particular, we were starting to look at the behavioral signals that indicate your best clients or simply the signals that show they’re about to become a customer. Either way, […]

How to fine tune your pricing

photo credit: h.koppdelaney What do you focus on when it’s time to improve profitability? Sometimes barely twisting a knob can make all the difference. This 8 minute and 30 second running stride analysis video might be a little dry if you’re not a runner, but the focus on small improvements and 300FPS video to break […]

Do you have (or provoke) Decision Clarity?

photo credit: jenny downing Yesterday, I was talking with someone about a ToDo management tool and they mentioned that they dismissed it because it claimed to be “design-y”. Later that day, someone else mentioned that they didn’t consider a Getting Things Done (Yes, the David Allen thing) software product because “the name was silly”. These […]

Small business owner: “What’s with these funny new barcodes?”

photo credit: mackarus You may have seen those odd-looking square barcodes in newspapers and magazines, on product boxes, etc. You might even have noticed them in the middle of the star-shaped signage in some Macy’s television commercials. They’re called “QR codes“. Why should business owners should care about them? A smartphone can scan/read a QR […]

A business problem, not a water problem

Photo credit: Michael Hyatt When book publisher Michael Hyatt posted this image saying “When you read this at Panera, you know your city has a water problem”, it struck me as a business problem. Sure, the city might have a problem, but that shouldn’t be your customers’ problem. Every day, we must adapt to the […]

Billboards and plumber’s pants

photo credit: psyberartist Drive around long enough and you’ll see a billboard that says “If you’re looking, it’s working”. I see the same slogan on electronic advertising displays, which can be found everywhere from restaurant restrooms and gyms to billboards. Is it “working” when you accidentally glance at the back of a plumber’s pants when […]

Arriving late?

photo credit: h.koppdelaney Today’s guest post is for those business owners arriving late at the “social media party”. For those making an entrance, business-wise, here’s a nice social media startup guide from the NYTimes’ “You’re The Boss” blog. It talks about restaurants specifically, but the advice is sound regardless of what your business does. As […]

Ask them to tell your story

photo credit: Jill Clardy Once it has been pointed out, most people understand that benefits / tangible results do a better job of generating interest in your products / solutions than a dry corporate list of bullet items. It’s easy for you to say “If you use this, <something> will result.” Some people will believe […]