What are coupons for?

photo credit: rachaelvoorhees Saturday when I checked the mail, I found a coupon from Staples. Two coupons, actually. One of them was for $10 off a $25 purchase. The other was for a sizable percentage off of Avery labels. Positives: The coupon expired in six weeks, forcing the customer to take action. Negatives: TEN DOLLARS […]

How are you getting them back into the fold?

photo credit: Blyzz A number of vendors that I used to do business with waste my time and theirs with their lame, cookie cutter attempts to get me to renew a subscription, update my software or renew some other sort of thing I use to have. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that […]

5 ways to thank your customers

photo credit: psd Today’s guest post comes from Valeria Maltoni over at ConversationAgent.com, where she talks about 5 ways to thank your customers.  #5 is my favorite, but all of them are definitely worth reading and more importantly, implementing.

Planning for the train wreck before it happens

Step one after the fire is out or the flood waters have receded (or both) – if you haven’t already done so – is implementing your comeback plan. Notice that I said implementing the comeback plan, not making it. When times are hectic and the ceiling is dripping with smoky water, your mind isn’t going […]

What can you learn from a business disaster?

Last week, while I was being a slacker (I was canoeing 50 miles or so around Hungry Horse Reservoir with the troop’s older guys), a friend’s restaurant was struck by lightning. His business wasn’t physically destroyed, but it did take a pretty serious punch from smoke and water damage. Amazingly, the water damage came from […]