Figuring out what your customers REALLY want.

Last week, on Independent Street (a Wall Street Journal column about independent businesses), there was a story about businesses that don’t accept reservations. The story questioned whether it was good business to not accept reservations, or if not doing so was an inconvenient insult. My view is that every business – not just restaurants – […]

Tiers of joy

Remember the Big Gulp? When I was in college, it was the ultimate thirst quencher at the local 7/11 convenience store. Back then, 32 ounces seemed like a honkin’ big drink. Nowadays though, the Big Gulp is a wimpy little cup. There’s the Super Big Gulp and the Double Gulp, for example. Some stores have […]

Sales – It’s how you wrap it.

Last Monday evening, I was walking up the trail on Melita Island to the Order of the Arrow ceremony area (what we call “the OA bowl”) for our camp’s opening campfire. An opening campfire gives the staff a chance to show their stuff, do some skits, songs and generally be funny for the boys in […]