Have you lost a customer today?

Not long ago, I received this email from a vendor that I’ve done business with in the past: Dear Friend: It’s been awhile since your last order from www.primerastore.com. As a valued customer, we would like to invite you to take advantage of this exclusive offer available only to select customers. Save 10% on your […]

Political Marketing: Are Obama, Clinton and McCain asking to be blacklisted?

On Tuesday, DirectMag (a direct marketing publication) wrote about Barack Obama’s email marketing list being polluted with “anti-spam zealots”. IE: people who get super angry and vindictive about every spam email that hits their inbox. Someone subscribed the email addresses of a number of these “zealots” to Obama’s email list and even worse, used names […]

How to measure advertising response in any media

Recently, I received a few questions about measuring advertising response so I thought I’d cover that a bit today. The measurement and use of the results you record is one of the most important things to do when advertising – at least once the ad has been created for a particular target market. Question: Why […]

Would one “minor glitch” bring down your company?

Last October, we discussed the single slip-up that doomed a beef company. Not just doomed it, but in fact, put it completely out of business. A single stumble kills a decades-old business. Today, a “minor glitch” (according to MSN) caused South Florida’s power grid to puke, and the resulting chain reaction caused two Florida nuclear […]

After The Coding: 12 things I wish I had known before I started my software company

Thanks to SoftwareCEO.com, I’ll be speaking at Software University on March 6 with Charles Mills of Strategic Due Diligence (Charles is the former CEO of Firesign Software, which was later acquired by Allen Systems Group) Charles and I will cover the “12 things I wish I had known before I started my software company”, a […]

Wedding and a funeral create a customer service mashup

Miss me? Between a wedding, an unexpected funeral (is there any other kind?), the joy of Greyhound-esque air travel, no time to post and no access to the net, the blog’s been bit dark since late last week. I’ve been in various parts of Missouri since Thursday, but I did bring you something: some fine […]

Marketing opportunities: As perishable as lettuce.

I’ve always admired how Stew Leonard promoted and ran his grocery store, but this morning, I’m given another reason to give him the nod. He is clearly paying attention. Starbucks is going to be re-training their baristas next week. You know, teaching them how to do little things like how to make coffee, a skill […]

If Michael Jordan is ok with failing, isn’t it ok for you?

Interesting how those who succeed the most also happen to have failed the most. Most sports superstars have failed at something many, many times. The best batters in baseball only have a 40% success rate. Do you let one failure trip you up, sidetrack an entire day or prevent you from trying something else? Iâ??ve […]