Why don’t real estate agents take their websites seriously?

I’m working on an article for the Flathead Beacon (the local paper where my business column runs) about small business websites. The article is actually the first a series that I’m doing, looking at niches one at a time. The first niche I’m covering is real estate agent / real estate broker websites in the […]

MyStarbucksIdea.com – A gift to every independent coffee shop and cafe owner

Regular readers of this blog have probably figured out that I’m not all that impressed with Starbucks, especially when compared to local coffee shops that get it (much less the ones that don’t burn their beans). This time, I actually have a kind word for the corporate coffee monolith. photo credit: Al- Fassam [ Online! […]

Twitter for business: Does it make sense, or is it just another time vampire?

photo credit: law_keven Let’s look at it for a bit. People are more and more wary of giving out their email address. Many are not clued in to RSS (and don’t want to deal with readers, etc). They want up-to-the-minute info, and email in many cases just isn’t fast enough or dependable enough. They might […]

Best Seat in the House shows why you should be blogging

It may not be clear from the things I talk about here, but I enjoy photography. I shoot some scenic stuff, like the photo at the top of this page and I shoot a lot of sports and community stuff. When it comes to sports, I’ll shoot baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming, football, etc – […]

Get a new plumber: Yahoo Pipes

photo credit: MoToMo I linked to this a few weeks ago in Delicious, and I’m working on a market research video/audio product that includes use of Yahoo Pipes, but I just can’t resist. Yesterday’s COTC post about Salesforce.com’s use of Yahoo Pipes was an excellent illustration of the cool usefulness of this tool, so we’ll […]

RSS: What’s that little orange button on the right mean?

photo credit: photopia / HiMY SYeD Usually green is the color that represents money, at least in the U.S. Today, for just a few minutes, orange represents money – because your time is quite often has more value than you might place on it. This video explains in simple terms why you see so many […]