Fishing on Facebook

photo credit: kevindooley A common question I’m asked by small business owners is: “Should I use ‘bright shiny object of the month’ to market my business? Lately, the question tends to be asked in the context of Facebook, but quite frankly, the answer is the same regardless of the magic solution you’re asking about. As […]

Did you Google them first?

photo credit: david.nikonvscanon That person you’ll be meeting shortly. The prospective employee. The vendor you can’t get an answer from. Your kid’s new soccer coach. That school board candidate. Those persistent salespeople you’re thinking about giving an appointment. The people who live next door to that dream house you have your eye on. Who are […]

Pardon the asterisks, but social media’s kinda important

It’s Friday and I’m on my way back from Scout camp and on the way to the Montana Western Divisional Swim Meet. That means you get a guest post of sorts. But I wouldn’t let you down with just any old guest post. This one has some serious stick-between-your-teeth to it. I suggest you click […]

Are you wearing Old Spice this morning?

photo credit: blvesboy There was lots of noise this week when those clever folks managing the Old Spice social media campaign started making dozens of videos for a couple of days. Old Spice’s team responded to Twitter posts, to Facebook posts, blogs and more, whether the posts came from celebrities or not. The quickly made […]

What’s Your Swagger Wagon?

Nothing could be better than a mom and dad rappin’, right? Ok, maybe there are things better. Still, today’s guest post is this awesome, fun video from Toyota which has managed to get 3.8 million views as of mid-June 2010. The point? To have a little fun with your marketing – while still getting your […]

Who I follow on Twitter (and why) for June 2010

photo credit: emma.kate It’s #FF (follow Friday) again, which means it’s time to point you at a few folks that I find interesting on Twitter. If you love bacon, or unique gift soaps and the like, give @SweetSoaps a follow. Their #1 product was spawned from a Twitter conversation. Yes, people *really do* use Twitter […]

Marrying Facebook, or just dating?

photo credit: spaceodissey I‘ve heard a lot of talk about “Facebook taking over” the web lately. It’ll only take over the web if you let it. I realize there’s a lot of noise out there about new F8 (Facebook app) platform, which includes the like and share buttons that you see here on my blog. […]

Taking yourself out of context

Google recently released a video demonstrating how speedy the new build of their Chrome browser runs. You *still* get the idea that Chrome is fast, but you are far from bored to tears as they demonstrate that. If they showed a spreadsheet or graph documenting the speed of Chrome as compared to Internet Explorer, Firefox […]

A conversation in the hall of your business day

photo credit: Tony the Misfit Lots of small business owners struggle to get a blog going. There are some technical challenges: geek stuff is huge for some and tiny for others. But in almost every case, the tech stuff isn’t the hard part. When it comes to business owners, almost every conversation about blogging tends […]

iPads for business? Yes. Start now.

photo credit: lovelypetal Trust me on this. Your business needs an iPad. I know what you’re thinking. It goes something like this: Why does this Apple fanboy think I need this thing? It’s just like a dinky little laptop with no keyboard. I can’t even plug my USB thumb drive into it. There’s no camera. […]