Meeker 2012 – What should small software businesses do?

Credit: KPCB Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends presentation is always an attention getter. For some, a wake-up-call, for others… a reminder. No matter what it is for you, there’s some valuable trend info there worth looking at in the context of your software business. “Rapid mobile adoption still in early stages.” Think about that for […]

Have you forgotten how to get better?

photo credit: mararie Recently I had a tech conversation with someone I’ve known for at least a decade and have great respect for. During a dumb conversation we didn’t even start, we disagreed about spaces in file names and software that doesn’t support them. My friend is like the NORAD of user interface look and […]

Where are all the programmers?

photo credit: dunkv Yesterday evening I posted a small C# project on Odesk. By noon today, I had 19 responses. Most of them were qualified (a few were VERY qualified) and had passed enough of ODesk’s tests for me to know that they could do the job. In the various .Net test topics, several had […]

Why clients don’t take your advice

photo credit: digitalART2 One of the groups of software folks I work with has wisely decided not to support Windows Vista. Vista was released in November 2006 and while old, it’s not quite half the age of the now-prehistoric Windows XP released in October 2001. Yet plenty of people still use both. So why is it […]

Have you perfected the art of flawless first time deployment?

Curiosity’s shadow through the lens’ dust cover. Credit: NASA Anyone who has built something for public sale has felt both the pain and joy of deployment. Last night’s Mars Curiosity landing was a deployment that every software team or product developer should be in awe of. That highly complex, if not seemingly crazy Mars Curiosity […]

Stop waiting until you’re big enough.

photo credit: aussiegall This morning a friend pointed out this story about how QuickBooks maker Intuit manages 10 million lines of code. The punch line is that they manage 10 million lines of code just like you should be managing your code. Professionally. Is your business using professional-grade methods and tools? Are you sure? Intuit manages […]

How to give MORE refunds and love doing it

Last time, we discussed steps you could take to reduce the number of refunds or “lost” sales you have. The idea is that every refund or lost sale costs you money, but if you think about this in the big picture, it’s entirely possible that you want to give MORE refunds. And of course, I […]

How to cut down on refunds

photo credit: TeryKats Do you have problems with too many sales turning into refunds? Or almost-sales turning into no-sales? Do your demonstration projects frequently fail to reach the buying stage? Does return-friendly Costco look like a tough return desk negotiator compared to you? Do people frequently add things to their shopping cart while on your […]

The two most valuable parts of a conversation

photo credit: pedrosimoes7 Every single day, I see problems that would be solved with better (or any) understanding, speed and an order of magnitude improvement in quality if people would just pick up the phone. I know, especially the more technical folks out there, you want that cocoon. You want to hide and just create. […]