Customer relationships – Do yours mature and adapt?

One of the things that separates people from most machines and systems is their ability to adapt their interactions as the relationship matures. A tough-as-nails 61 year old grandfather who supervises workers on an oil rig in North Dakota’s Bakken adapts his communication to the recipient when training a new guy to stay alive on […]

Where are all the programmers?

photo credit: dunkv Yesterday evening I posted a small C# project on Odesk. By noon today, I had 19 responses. Most of them were qualified (a few were VERY qualified) and had passed enough of ODesk’s tests for me to know that they could do the job. In the various .Net test topics, several had […]

Have you perfected the art of flawless first time deployment?

Curiosity’s shadow through the lens’ dust cover. Credit: NASA Anyone who has built something for public sale has felt both the pain and joy of deployment. Last night’s Mars Curiosity landing was a deployment that every software team or product developer should be in awe of. That highly complex, if not seemingly crazy Mars Curiosity […]

How the Yahoo password breach could affect you, even if you don’t use Yahoo

photo credit: Ian Sane On July 12th 2012, Yahoo confirmed that a large number of passwords originating at its Associated Content site were leaked. If you ever used Yahoo Voices (formerly known as Associated Content), you should check to see if you were affected, particularly if you have a habit of using the same username/email […]

Changes and Clipboards

photo credit: iluvrhinestones While the world wrings its hands over the tax implications of LeBron James’ move to Miami, the rest of us didn’t even look up. We’re working hard to create (or advance the progress of) our next big thing. Meanwhile, the economy stumbles forward in some ways, races in others, and limps in […]

How do you welcome them?

photo credit: Î?λενα Î?αγαρία We’ve all been there. You mosey (at least I do) into a doctor’s office for the first time and the experience is practically identical to almost every other first visit to almost every other doctor’s office. You get handed a clipboard of paper forms to fill out, as if they don’t […]

Mining shoeboxes for customers

photo credit: ToOliver2 In these days of oil spills and mine disasters, it might seem a little off-base to ask about mining, but I think you need to become an expert at it – and do it regularly. It’s a critical skill if you’re concerned about keeping your business pump primed with new and returning […]

Why people don’t use the “Tip of the day”

photo credit: _-=Dreemreeper=-_ Seemed like such a good idea at the time…that “Tip of the Day” thing that you see in your favorite software. Like Microsoft’s Clippy, everyone seems to either ignore or despise this function. I think folks genuinely liked the idea at first. Yet…when it comes down to actually using a program’s tip of […]

iPads for business? Yes. Start now.

photo credit: lovelypetal Trust me on this. Your business needs an iPad. I know what you’re thinking. It goes something like this: Why does this Apple fanboy think I need this thing? It’s just like a dinky little laptop with no keyboard. I can’t even plug my USB thumb drive into it. There’s no camera. […]

iTunes LP, the rich media salesperson

photo credit: Polifemus A couple of days ago, Apple introduced iTunes9 and demonstrated a new iTunes feature called iTunes LP. That’s “LP” as in long-playing album. Those of us who were of music-buying age in the 1960s (not me, old man), 1970s and early 1980s remember some of the albums we bought. I remember a […]