Small business + iPhone app = opportunity

Disclaimer: I simply have to admit that it’s unlikely that I would buy an iPhone until Apple decides to discard AT&T, or Steve Jobs’ gang adds a better cell carrier to the mix. I’m simply not willing to deal with those guys if I don’t have to. And yes, I’d probably get over it if […]

Who cares about the iPhone?

If you own a small business, you just might start to care. First of all, set aside some time to watch the video of Steve Jobs’ iPhone keynote yesterday morning at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Apple QuickTime (a free download) is required to view it. Pay close attention to how well Apple appears to […]

Productivity on a weekend!

Today’s guest post is about a couple of tools that I thought you might find handy. Slither over to David Seah’s blog and you’ll find 2 pretty handy tools to make you more productive: The Printable CEO Series and The Compact Calendar. photo credit: ericmcgregor As you might expect, I think the more planning and […]

Does your small business send personal emails?

Back in January, Denny Hatch was discussing some emails he received: some personalized, some not. photo credit: batega Would you rather receive this (his example): Date: 14 Jan 2008 03:58:31- 0800 From: â??Ticketmasterâ? To: xxxxx Subject: Event Reminder: Young Frankenstein Ticketmaster Event Reminder Hello Denison Hatch. Your event is happening soon! Young Frankenstein. When: Friday, […]

Scoble, Hawk, Ansel, Sadie & Yosemite: The power of social media

I know, I know, I’ve harping on this lately and I’ll maybe stop soon, but let me give you just a taste of the grass roots power (leverage, involvement, whatever you want to call it) that Web 2.0 social media technologies can give your clients. (Or can give them if you take advantage of it). […]

RSS: What’s that little orange button on the right mean?

photo credit: photopia / HiMY SYeD Usually green is the color that represents money, at least in the U.S. Today, for just a few minutes, orange represents money – because your time is quite often has more value than you might place on it. This video explains in simple terms why you see so many […]

When a competitor gives you an opening, hammer them

Over the weekend, a fellow software developer who makes software for auto repair shops pointed out this quote from his competitor: <vendor> would like to mention a couple of things about the desktop operating systems. Microsoft is having a lot of issues with the Vista operating system. When putting together a new computer, <vendor> recommends […]

After The Coding: 12 things I wish I had known before I started my software company

Thanks to, I’ll be speaking at Software University on March 6 with Charles Mills of Strategic Due Diligence (Charles is the former CEO of Firesign Software, which was later acquired by Allen Systems Group) Charles and I will cover the “12 things I wish I had known before I started my software company”, a […]

The Customer Vanishing Act: Where’d Your Customers Go, and Why?

Everyone loses customers now and then. How many customers have you lost in the last 6 months? More importantly…why did you lose them? Price? Service? Capability? Suitability for the situation (aka “merchantibility”). If you’re in the software business (including web-based applications), how many prospects tried your service in the last 6 months and didn’t continue […]

Never assume your documentation is complete

Take a look at Don’t worry if you don’t use Vista, or don’t use UAC, or don’t even use Windows. That isn’t the point. Look at the caption below the screen image. Rather than just get annoyed at the folks complaining to him about “bugs in his program”, he documented something that most software […]