The Riskiest Thing You Can Do Right Now

photo credit: Tony the Misfit Is to play it safe, careful and conservative. Despite saying that, I don’t mean that you should be taking big risks. It isn’t about avoiding or eliminating risk, it’s about reducing and managing risk. Thinking big and risking big are not the same thing. The startup guys down the street […]

Spinning plates while listening to smart older people

photo credit: Don Fulano Now is the time to start a new business. Didn’t I just say that a few days ago? Yeah, I did. And no one managed to step up and tell me I was a lunatic:) “Why is now a good time?”, you say. I say “Why isn’t now a good time?” […]

How to be a business burnout. Or not.

photo credit: charles chan * Just the other day, I was talking with a client about the long term future of their business, and after being quizzed a bit, reflecting with them on what provoked me to sell my software biz several years ago. This client has a small business people-wise, but its quite successful. […]

It takes a lot money to start a business. Or does it?

Today’s guest post comes from The Big Idea, where you’ll hear about a guy who started a multi-million dollar business with $350. Watch this short video to learn his story. How can you use what he did?