Pet peeves and your business’ addiction to crack

photo credit: MoToMo Who hasn’t either had a plumber hanging out of their sink, or heard about one? You know the stereotype. Some guy’s rear end is hanging out from under your sink, his pants are not quite the right size, and “too much information” is pointed right at you. It’s like looking at a […]

Keeping score is important for your business

photo credit: Looking Glass If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you’ll have read a few posts about the value of measurement. Measuring marketing response is the primary thing you’ll find, but as a CFO friend of mine says, “That which is measured will be managed”. Seth starts off talking about the green marketing […]

Making it easier – isn’t that what your clients really want?

photo credit: xiaming Yesterday, we talked about making it easier for your clients to do – whatever it is that you make them do, hopefully not making them do it at all. But what about making it easier to do the things that you can’t eliminate? One example is making it easier to reorder from […]

How to measure advertising response in any media

Recently, I received a few questions about measuring advertising response so I thought I’d cover that a bit today. The measurement and use of the results you record is one of the most important things to do when advertising – at least once the ad has been created for a particular target market. Question: Why […]

Independent bookstores wouldn’t bore me like this

On the other hand, they might not send me *any* email. I generally like Amazon, mostly because I live in a small town, the nearest big box bookstore is 20-25 minutes away and the only bookstore in my town is really only a used book store. Most of my purchases don’t fit the inventory profile […]