Monkey See, Monkey Don’t?

photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar Do you watch other business owners or mentors use techniques, technologies, strategies or tactics successfully – and then not try them in your business? This isn’t just the domain of new, first time business owners who might be leery of trying something else, much less being swamped enough as it […]

Why they don’t take your calls and don’t read your mail

photo credit: seeveeaar Do your customers and prospects let your calls go to voice mail? Do they open your emails? If they were, you’d know (or should). Think about why *you* let calls go to voice mail and why you ignore certain emails. While you might be busy and decide to let calls go to […]

Don’t waste a single interaction

photo credit: Marco Raaphorst Unreal. Last week I had to get on the phone to cancel an online service. Not because I wanted to use the phone to cancel, but because it’s a requirement. You see, you can sign up for this service online, but you can’t cancel it there. And you certainly won’t be […]

Right message, right person, right timing

Recently, someone came to my website and went to the trouble to paste this message into my contact form: Hi, My name is Ben Bigelow and I am currently working with the Cisco TelePresence team. We are working in conjunction to create awareness for the recently launched â??Why I Want Cisco TelePresenceâ? video contest at […]

Pity the fool who doesn’t communicate

Over the last week or so, I’ve hunkered down in the perfect storm of communications. Bresnan I get a card in the mail asking me if the recent visit by a Bresnan Cable tech took care of the problem and if I was happy with the service. It’s the same guy who always comes to […]

The ladies really dig my shiny new membership card

Got a pre-election call from the National Rifle Association (NRA) the other day. It’s that time of year – my phone has been ringing off the hook with election-related calls. Yep, it came on the famous 13 call day (15 as it turned out). The call is made under the guise of checking how you’re […]

Not ALL marketing is local. Nor is it personal.

So far today, my home phone has rang 13 times. THIRTEEN TIMES. My office is at home. It’s 2:20pm on Wednesday. EVERY SINGLE CALL has been from the same political party, on behalf of that party, or from one of its candidates. EVERY SINGLE CALL has either been made from an automated call bank that transfers […]

Telemarketing can work, but not like this

It’s a hair before 9pm and my cell rings. It’s a toll free number that I don’t recognize. For reasons I can’t explain, I answer it. Turns out it’s a telemarketer calling because “my records show that you’re not currently receiving the Daily Interlake”. I say “That’s because your records aren’t up to date”, perhaps […]