For those about to sell, we salute you!

photo credit: aldenjewell You may not like to sell, particularly if you are a technical person. It’s even more likely if you’re a technical person who has built a job rather than a business – meaning you might be chief cook and bottle washer as well. It may be an overused stereotype that technical people […]

Does talk of hiring diversity make you cringe?

photo credit: jurvetson Does talk of hiring diversity make you cringe, or does it mean something positive? “Diversity” often takes on highly-charged meanings due to personal experiences, historical events and/or substantial media attention. Fact is, diversity means many things, each of which can strengthen a company – just as the introduction of a foreign substance […]

What isn’t Amazon going to change?

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography During Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) November re:Invent conference, there were a number of interesting talks. Psst…Don’t run away, not-interested-in-technology folks, this is barely about tech if you look closely. I got the most out of the sessions centered around the strategic design decisions that (an AWS customer) and other […]

Rather than sweep, eliminate the source of dirt

photo credit: kevin dooley During the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Re:Invent conference‘s “fireside chat” with Jeff Bezos, he told a story about during a professional development session where he (like all senior Amazon management) spent two days on the Amazon customer service call center staff. Stop for just a minute. If your business is small […]

The kind of salesperson they LOVE to hear from

photo credit: papalars When you talk to your customers about their business, do they ever respond “Wow, I didn’t know that” or “Really?” Does your sales and marketing process provoke your prospects with questions they have to think about? Or does it simply say “Look at us! Look at us!” Far fewer spend their energy […]

The One Percent

In the last five minutes of this clip from a speaker panel at St. Petersburg College called “Cosmic Quandaries”, noted astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about the one percent difference in DNA between chimpanzees and people. Of particular interest is his discussion tying the scope of that tiny one percent difference to each species’ capabilities. […]

How to break a business coma

photo credit: US Army Africa We talk about a wide array of business topics/suggestions here at Business is Personal. Occasionally, I get emails asking how to get all of these things done in a state of overwhelm. It’s an easy problem to have. You have plenty of ideas and read the things I and others […]

How does your industry organization help you?

photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video This past weekend, I spoke at a national organization’s regional trade show here in the Rocky Mountain West. As you might expect, we talked about personalizing their businesses – in their very narrow market context. What always makes me wonder about these events is why they aren’t standing […]

Like an athlete, business owners must prepare to go pro

After swimming the last race of an 11 year amateur swimming career, a little reflection…not despair. The margin of victory for a world-class athlete seems to shrink with each advance in our ability to measure minute differences in performance, whether the race is on a track, in a pool, on open water or down a […]

Stop waiting until you’re big enough.

photo credit: aussiegall This morning a friend pointed out this story about how QuickBooks maker Intuit manages 10 million lines of code. The punch line is that they manage 10 million lines of code just like you should be managing your code. Professionally. Is your business using professional-grade methods and tools? Are you sure? Intuit manages […]