Showrooming and the sales prevention department

photo credit: mattbuchanan Last time, we discussed the often forgotten reason for showrooming that happens after price shopping: convenience and time/fuel savings. Remember Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief? If you’ve forgotten, they are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. When applied to showrooming, it isn’t much different. Acceptance and the clarity that accompanies it are where […]

Forgotten: What happens after they showroom?

photo credit: Polycart The last time we talked about showrooming, I referred to a Harris Poll that exposed a conflicting behavior among shoppers. The behavior? “Most” people (70%) say they showroom because of price, yet they often buy locally even if it means having to pay a slightly higher price. That’s right, 70% didn’t choose […]

Six simple questions about your website

photo credit: milos milosevic I received these questions in an email from Tony Robbins last year. The premise was to ask if you could answer these questions without doing a bunch of research, much less if you could answer them at all. How many visitors come to your website per month? How many of those […]

Habits and Heatmaps

photo credit: opensourceway Here’s your sign. While it is a well-known “redneck” comedian punch line, it’s also something you should be looking for. Some signs you must seek out, while others have been right in front of you all year long. Many of those signs are buried in your existing business data. Habits Your business data illustrates your customers’ […]

Tending Your Garden

photo credit: gregor_y Earlier this week, I had the privilege of speaking about websites at the monthly Columbia Falls Chamber of Commerce lunch meeting. While it’s not exactly opening for the Stones at Madison Square Garden, it’s an honor because it’s a group of mostly local business owners whose success is important to me. I […]

Marrying Facebook, or just dating?

photo credit: spaceodissey I‘ve heard a lot of talk about “Facebook taking over” the web lately. It’ll only take over the web if you let it. I realize there’s a lot of noise out there about new F8 (Facebook app) platform, which includes the like and share buttons that you see here on my blog. […]

Retailers: How do I know you *really* have it?

photo credit: wildxplorer Yesterday we talked about a retail experience that could have been better – mostly by doing something to encourage a customer to call you next time. Did you notice the cost of yesterday’s suggestion? ZERO. Today, we’ll talk about an experience related to yesterday’s story: Stock levels. When you go to the websites […]

Hi, my name is TriFold Brochure. Not.

photo credit: Sukanto Debnath The primary message / goal / mission of this blog is that you and your business need to create a more personal connection with your clients. To that end, someone asked me this morning about the website work that I do. We talked briefly about the technology (because that someone was […]

Shane 0, Comcast 0. No one wins when you offer loser customer service

photo credit: Amir K. Shane over at mentioned to me a while back about an interaction he had with Comcast. Yes, I’ve seen the litany of “Comcast sucks” threads, and I’m aware that they have a support team on Twitter. First, mosey over to AskShane and read about his experience with Comcast. Then come […]

Rhetoric, “privacy” and those Presidential campaign email lists

photo credit: kevindooley About a year ago, I ran some tests to see how clued in re: email use and mobile/internet marketing each Presidential campaign was. Each campaign got an email address all to themselves, one that I use for no other purpose so that I could track what their campaign did. In fact, the […]