Competence, Confidence, Caring

Today, sort of a guest post from NY Times columnist Adam Bryant (via the weekly NYT Corner Office column) interviews Accenture CEO William Green about his role at Accenture, what got him there, why he hired a kid who worked at Sam’s Diner and had no other extra-curricular stuff in college and why you need to focus on 3 core competencies rather than 68 (as he was once taught).

No matter how big your business is, there’s some really good stuff here.

For example:

So just when you think all the cylinders are clicking and everythingâ??s right, thatâ??s the time you have to change, because thatâ??s the world we live in now. If you rest, it will cost you, because global competitiveness is here to stay, and itâ??s not about the traditional competitors anymore. Itâ??s about new and emerging competitors that youâ??ve never heard of, and you just have to get your mind around the new normal, as they call it.

Do you know anyone (or any companies) resting? I sure do.

Even the very definition of resting will vary from market to market. Make sure you aren’t defining it while watching out for those 3 core competencies.

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