Coloring inside the lines

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My wife is a teacher.

I work with small business owners and entrepreneurs – some of whom struggle to hire well.

I see and hear about employee problems – particularly with implementation and creativity and good ol’ GIVE A DAMN – regularly.

Because of the chasm between what she does and what I do, conversations about education between us can go south, even though we agree about a lot of things in the education world.

Tom’s comments about schools and dyslexia extend to a number of other things, such as Asperger’s, Autism and more. Temple Grandin is but one example of the benefits of opening your eyes to what was formerly thought as “abnormal”.

Things are improving in many schools, as coloring outside the lines is seen as just a part of life.

If you’re hiring, hire creative critical thinkers. Encourage your schools to do more to encourage kids to discover those skills. Encourage those employees to create, think and make the next big thing.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more its definitely the “Ford Model of Education”. He is a great speaker… reminds me of TED Videos

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