Corporate “I dont get it”-itis

Last week, a newspaper story recounted how a local grocery store’s customer noticed a shoplifter, chased him out of the store, pursued him for 20 minutes, and finally caught and held him till the police arrived.

It turned out that the thief was serving a 3 year deferred sentence and a 5 year suspended sentence, both for burglary convictions.

The store promptly rewarded the man who caught the thief with a coupon for free coffee.


Did they need to write a big check? Nope.

Did they need to give him free groceries for life? Nope.

All they had to do was be a little unique. Put a little thought into what they did to thank this guy.

Instead, he gets some free coffee and they get “We’re cheapskates” publicity in the paper. They turned a positive into a negative.

The possibilities are so obvious. What are you doing to send a message that you dont get it?

Think about it, then fix it.