Do more than you needed to, make the experience memorable.

Last night, my family went over to Whitefish (MT) for pizza at our favorite pizza joint, MacKenzie River Pizza Company (again, do things right, I use names).

They were pretty busy, making service was a little slow at first. A manager took the liberty of taking our order (and remembered it without writing it down) so that we wouldnt have to wait.
When our pizza arrived, it was on sourdough instead of their famous whole wheat. Our server told us this as she sat the pizza on the table, which told me that it wasnt that the manager forgot what we ordered. She apologized and asked if we wanted to munch on that one while they remade our pizza with the right crust. We said no, dont worry about it. After all, it wasnt that big a deal.

About 15 minutes later, our server brought us another pizza, identical except it had the whole wheat crust, packaged to take home, and told us that it was on the house because they had messed up. Not what we expected. We werent upset about the wrong crust (come on, its a pizza crust not a wedding dress) so this came as a complete surprise.

Think they could afford an extra pizza on a $59 table? Sure they can. Especially since they know that kind of service will bring people back, and most likely get mentioned to others.

How do you handle a minor mishap in service? You could do enough to make it right, or you can turn it into an opportunity to shine by doing more than you need to.

MacKenzie did more than they needed to and made that small incident into a memorable service experience.