Do they listen?

One of the most valuable lessons that my dad taught me was also one of those dad quotes that I’ll never forget: “Be a good listener.”

It took me way too long to really get what he meant, and by then, it dawned on me that he meant many different things by it.

Among other things, it’s really hard to learn when your mouth is open.

Today’s guest post from Seth Godin goes momentarily to that same place – to the value of using bullhorns to communicate rather than being good listeners and having a conversation with their clientele.

The irony of his comment in that post is that Seth is in broadcast-only (bullhorn) mode on Twitter, posting only links to his blog posts. Likewise, he does not allow reader comments on his blog. It’s odd to see behavior that isn’t at all congruent with what he teaches, but it is what it is.

I think he’s wrong to be in broadcast only mode, even though I believe he’s right about the bullhorn.

Be a good listener and encouraging your staff to be the same – it’s always good business.