Do you lick the marshmallow, or just gobble it down?

Recently, I was reading about a study done years ago regarding the effects of instant gratification.

Edited excerpt from Wikipedia ( ):
Mischel’s famous research study, “The Marshmallow Test,” showed the importance of impulse control and delayed gratification for academic, emotional and social success.

In the 1960s at the preschool on the Stanford University campus, Mischel put marshmallows in front of a room full of 4-year-olds. He told them they could have one marshmallow now, but if they could wait several minutes, they could have two. Some children eagerly grabbed a marshmallow and ate it. Others waited, some having to cover their eyes in order not to see the tempting treat and one child even licked the table around the marshmallow.

Mischel followed the group and found that, 14 years later, the “grabbers” suffered low self-esteem and were viewed by others as stubborn, prone to envy and easily frustrated. The “waiters” were better copers, more socially competent and self-assertive, trustworthy, dependable and more academically successful. This group even scored about 210 points higher on their SATs.

Fascinating study…So what’s this got to do with you?

Jim Rohn could see it a mile away. He talks about the harvest.

It’s about planning, focus and execution (and later…harvesting) vs. chasing the fad of the week, getting distracted and wasting time you can’t ever get back.

How many “get rich yesterday guru” emails did YOU get today? How much time do they waste? How many rabbits can you chase at one time?

Plan, focus, execute and harvest.

Be ruthless about your time. Don’t let the guru of the week waste it by trying to convince you that there’s a golden goose and only they know where it is. Kennedy, McCarthy, Rohn and guys like that produce results for themselves AND help thousands of others do the same. The guru of the week produces results for the guru of the week and his insider buddies. Don’t bite.

Go get something done.