Even Joe Dirt gets it

I dont go to movies much, so when I do get around to seeing them, it might be a couple of years later on cable. That’s what happened with “Joe Dirt”, which I saw for the first time a few days ago.
The movie business teaches plenty of marketing lessons, but rarely does the movie content itself teach a lesson. I got a kick out of it, hopefully you will too. As Dan likes to say “Its instructive”:)

Joe happens upon a man who is a fireworks dealer. The man only carries really sedate fireworks, like sparklers. Joe asks him about a slew of different fireworks names, some of which are clearly inserted for comedic value. Anyhow, when it all said and done, Joe asks “All you sell are sparklers…?”. The guy says “Yes, cuz I like em.”

What made me just about fall over was that Joe says “Its not about what you want, its what the customers want.”

Now THAT’s instructive. Dont start or buy a business, or take on a product line because its what YOU like. Take it on because there’s a MARKET for it, otherwise, its just a hobby. Yeah, I know – the touchy feely types are going to say find your passion and the money will come. They’re right, the money will come – IF there’s a market.
Obvious, kinda like Obvious Adams, but that’s what is so odd about human nature. The obvious stuff is really good at hiding from a lot of us.

Research, then leap hard into the entrepreneurial waters. Dont leap first and try to learn how to swim after you’re already in the lake. Its a little late then.