Excuses. Bonnie Richardson has none.

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Today’s guest post is more of a news story, but with a big message.

Bonnie Richardson has achieved a lot of success in her life. Great grades, a scholarship at Texas A&M and 2 state track and field championships.

But she does have a regret: “I regret that I didnt branch out more”.

From Rivals.com, check out the story of Bonnie Richardson, 2 time track and field state champion – as the entire team.

Are you branching out enough? Even while staying within your little niche, it’s possible.

If one high school girl can win 2 state *team* championships all by herself, maybe you can try a little harder too.

3 replies on “Excuses. Bonnie Richardson has none.”

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  2. Seems like a delicate balance. Being great at all that you do vs doing all that you can.

    Someone once said “Be a jack of all trades, master of one.” and that’s been twisted a bit to be used as a criticism “jack of all trades, master of none.”

    As you push the limits of how much you can branch out, continually prioritize which branches will need pruned first when you need to cut back.

    Never give up on your core branch(s) in hard times unless they’re actually failing independently of the other branches. That’d be like cutting off the trunk of a tree to save the branches.

    Wms last blog post..Patching an OS: What really counts?

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