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Way after it’s clearly necessary (better late than never), I’ve decided to seek out a personal assistant. My primary reason for this is simply to leverage my time more effectively. I’ve been carefully re-doing the list of all the processes in my businesses and found a lot of stuff that I need to get fired from. So, I’m in the hunt for an assistant.

If you’re in this boat, let me advise you of one thing not to do: DON’T Google “personal assistant” in your quest for a roadmap to finding a personal assistant. Why? The first hit is an article at Associated Content that says “The best way to find a personal assistant is to put an ad in the paper”. Yeah, that’s where all the best ones hang out – in the classified section, just like all the best jobs, right? 🙂

To paraphrase a few other marketers – fish where the fish are, and with the right bait.

I’m taking a different tack, and will let you know how it works out. For a number of reasons, I really need someone local to me (Western Montana), otherwise I’d already have chased down a virtual assistant that a couple of friends use and like and I’d be done with it.

James Brausch has an interesting way of dealing with this. He has interns that work for him 3 hours a day, for free. They do this in order to get exposure to how he has created a successful internet business. A pretty good idea for all involved, assuming they have the time to help him out. I’ll bet he gets tremendous leverage out of the deal, and his interns get a nice long peek behind the curtain. Smart.

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  1. Yes true, one thing that a business owner or a company can benefit from this kind of practice is TIME. In addition to this, owners/company can save money too by outsourcing help. I am a virtual assistant here in the Philippines, working for a BPO company, TryBPO and I have seen how companies grow because of this strategies. Check our blogs, we have more insights on how BPO or outsourcing help can help businesses.

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