Flying with Tim the Moose

alaska12.jpgIt’s hard to find anyone in the airline business these days who has a sense of humor. Not even Southwest Airlines is even close to as much fun as they used to be. But…at least one is trying.

I recently made reservations for the Rotary President-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) in Seattle (yes, they talked me into it again), and rather than spend 16-20 hours driving it in March, I decided to fly.

Imagine my surprise when my browser showed the image above. It’s the ‘waiting message’ displayed in your browser while their system looks up plane seats, flight costs, etc. The little hoof prints even go left to right as you wait. There were plenty more, all different, none boring, most at least mildly entertaining.

Inane? Hardly. When I confirmed my booking, I was actually looking forward to what they’d do next, plus they were smart enough to customize the wait message for my destination. My wait message referred to Seattle and said that Tim (that’s the moose) always looked for parks with tall grass. They are paying attention to the little details, which gives me high hopes for the flight experience as well.

Word of mouth has already gotten Tim’s message to you. I’ll bet if you saw the messages, you’d mention them to someone else.

All this, from an airline? What a pleasant surprise.

If they can be fun and avoid being boring, surely you can too. Surprise your customers.