Free help

I provide several ways for business owners to get free strategic business help:

  • Read Business is Personal. First and foremost, read my blog and take action on what you read.
  • Check your Email: My email newsletter, which echoes the blog in case you prefer email to blog posts (sign up over there on the right below my picture).
  • Attend and listen: I speak to groups several times a year. Some events are free. View upcoming opportunities to hear Mark speak on business topics.
  • Read my Flathead Beacon column, also called Business is Personal, which is fine tuned for Montana’s Flathead Valley.

If you are at a point where free help is your only option, these options are a great start because I focus (mostly) on fundamentals. If you are taking advantage of those resources and *taking action*, it shouldn’t be long before you never need free help again.

Inexpensive Help

While I believe that all the help I offer is a bargain for the value I deliver, I also offer business owners a way to get help rather inexpensively:

2012’s Free Tech Help recipient

People just don’t use free one-on-one strategic business help, so I don’t do that. That’s why I choose a charitable organization or civic group each year and provide them with free IT (tech/computer/web) help, as I’m available. Sometimes the help is strategic and sometimes it’s just helping them get a website going. 

In 2012, my free tech help will be split between Montana Wounded Warriors and the Columbia Falls Chamber of Commerce.

If you’d like to apply for next year’s tech help, use my contact page to make your case. I really only have time for one each year because organizations rarely realize how much help they need and how long it really takes. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just is.

Previous recipients:

  • 2011 – First Best Place Task Force, Grizzly Base Camp BSA, Columbia Falls Chamber of Commerce
  • 2010 – First Best Place Task Force
  • 2009 – Columbia Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
  • 2008 – First Best Place Task Force

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